The New South 4 :: jurors + installation

Todd Anderson, Clemson University

It was a both a pleasure and a challenge to serve as a co-juror with Lisa Hart for the New South 4 at Kai Lin Art. Regarding the later, Lisa and I were faced with the difficult task of selecting approximately 80 works from a pool of over 800. An impressively high level of quality was seen throughout the applications, as did a wide definition of what constitutes a work on paper. Paint, pencil, pen, ink, book formats, kinetics, and physically dimensional approaches to paper begin to communicate the diversity of the applications, all of which were equally considered. On this note, it was wonderful working with Lisa Hart as I learned much from her knowledge of various techniques and artistic practices. Ultimately, Lisa and I focused on curating an exhibition that we hope offers a thoughtfully divertive, celebratory and playful viewing experience for Kai Lin Art’s collectors and visitors.

Serving as a juror for an exhibition such as this one additionally affords insights into the venues themselves. Owner and Director Yu-Kai Lin and Director of Events Robie Duchateau seamlessly guided Lisa Hart and I through the jury process with professionalism and deference. I can only confirm what is common knowledge in the field: Kai Lin Art exemplifies what a top-notch metropolitan, contemporary gallery is and can be.

The artworks on display for the New South 4 are simply fantastic. Thank you Yu-Kai, Robie, Lisa, and most importantly, New South 4 artists!

Lisa Hart, Savannah College of Art & Design - Atlanta

It was my honor to be one of the Jurors, along with Todd Anderson, for the New South 4 at Kai-Lin Art Gallery. I would like to thank the talented artists for submitting their works on paper. We looked at 800 entries and it was difficult to narrow the final selection for the exhibition to only 80 pieces. The range of work was extensive from more traditional black and white figurative work to explosions of abstract color with a broad spectrum of materials used. Media ranged from photographs to prints to drawings.

I appreciate the professionalism, energy and heart that we saw in the submissions. Much of the work involved storytelling, a narrative on a page. Most artists submitted five different works which allowed us (a more in-depth view of their ideas). (to gain a deeper look into the content of what the artist was exploring). In some cases we included 2 pieces from one artist.

I am inspired by the final selection and I am excited to see the work installed in the gallery. I hope visitors to the show will enjoy the exhibition as much as I enjoyed the jurying process.

THE NEW SOUTH 4 exhibit will be on display from now through Friday, July 26th. We will be hosting a:

Saturday, July 13th, 2019
4:00 - 8:00 PM

Please take a look at all the works below and feel free to come by the gallery during our art operating hours of Wednesday - Friday :: 12-6pm; Saturday :: 12-5pm; and by appointment

For anyone interested in the works reach out and connect at 404 408 4248 or email us at


For anyone interested in the works reach out and connect at 404 408 4248 or email us at


For anyone interested in the works reach out and connect at 404 408 4248 or email us at