The New South II April 21 - June 2, 2017 | Kai Lin Art is proud to host our second annual juried exhibition of works on paper, The New South II. The show explores the contemporary South through the perspectives of 39 artists living and working throughout the Southeast. From over 850 submitted artworks, 52 pieces were selected for the exhibition. 

Overseeing the selection process this year are Executive Director of Atlanta Contemporary, Veronica Kessenich and Director of the Welch School of Art & Design of Georgia State University, Michael White.

Veronica Kessenich, an Atlanta native, has been working in the arts for over thirteen years, and was hired as Executive Director of Atlanta Contemporary in July 2015 after serving for two years as the organization’s Development Director. As Director of the Welch School of Art & Design of Georgia State University, Michael White has overseen the growth of the program to nearly 1,000 majors across ten disciplines and five different undergraduate and graduate degrees. With over 50,000 students, Georgia State is the largest university in the state.

The New South II Artists: 


artwork from the exhibition


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March 17th, 2017 - April 14th, 2017 | ATLANTA PRINT BIENNIAL:  Kai Lin Art is pleased to be hosting the 2017 Atlanta Print Biennial this March 17th - April 14th. Organized by the Atlanta Printmakers Studio, the Atlanta Print Biennial is an international juried exhibition of hand pulled prints and works on paper produced by renowned artists from around the world. This years juror is the 2017 SGC International Printmaker Emeritus Awardee Sydney Cross. In conjunction with the Atlanta Print Biennial, The Southern Graphics Council International will be honoring master printmaker and educator Norman Wagner with the 2017 SGCI Award for Teaching Excellence and a solo exhibition in Kai Lin Art’s Grey Gallery. Started in 2011, this is the fourth Biennial for the Atlanta Printmakers Studio and the second at Kai Lin Art. Atlanta Printmakers Studio will be holding a private opening Thursday, March 16th for SGCI and APS Members. Kai Lin Art will be holding the public opening Friday, March 17th from 7:00 - 10:00pm.

This years Atlanta Print Biennial will feature more than 80 hand printed, editioned works on paper from printmakers around the world. Coinciding with the the Atlanta Print Biennial, the SGC International conference will be held in Atlanta from March 15 -18. The Southern Graphics Council International is the same distinguished organization of which the Biennial’s Juror, Sydney A. Cross, held the office of vice president and then President from 1996-2000. Cross, received her Bachelor of Fine Arts: Northern Arizona University in 1977 and her Masters of Fine Arts: Arizona State University in 1980. She taught printmaking and art for 33 years. In 2015, she retired from teaching at Clemson University where she was awarded the title of Distinguished Alumni Professor of Art.

Norman Wagner is the 2017 recipient of the Award for Teaching Excellence. In addition to sharing work representing his past, Wagner will be showing a series of collagraph-monoprint assemblages. “Some of these artworks utilize oil based intaglio process color inks, while the most recent artworks utilize the water-soluble, soy-based Akua intaglio inks, which for me inform a new printing experience—resulting in significantly different color enhancement.” Norman considers his art to be experimental in nature, intuitive and introspective, yet not adhering to any particular mode of expression. Wagner studied printmaking and design at the Institute of Design in Chicago where he received a Bachelor of Science Degree in Visual Design in 1961 and a Master of Science Degree of Visual Design in 1968. Wagner has taught courses in drawing, etching, relief printmaking, lithography, serigraphy, papermaking, book arts and interdisciplinary collaboration and has coordinated numerous printmaking workshops at the Atlanta College of Art. Norman has exhibited his work regionally, nationally and internationally.



January 27, 2017 - March 11, 2017 | HATCHED: KAI LIN ART is pleased to present HATCHED featuring artists Thomas Turner and Carly Drew. HATCHED features Thomas Turner’s surreal and symbolic acrylic paintings on wood panel as well as Carly Drew’s layered watercolor landscapes of southern Appalachia. Both artists explore themes of interconnectedness and the passage of time, each from their own personal points of view.

Thomas Turner takes inspiration from Chinese folklore, Greek mythology, Buddhism and Quantum theories to illustrate poetic explorations of universal human origin and connectedness. Turner plays with classical and traditional symbols in a contemporary palette and style where the viewer is witness to our existence and conception personified through birds, landscapes and celestial bodies. Turner has previously been a part of numerous group exhibitions in Atlanta including Kai Lin Art’s “The New South” and “Fresh”. This is Turner’s first solo exhibition.

Carly Drew examines our ever changing relationships to place through layers of personal history, industrial changes to the terrain and the rich American landscape painting traditions. Drawing parallels these layers by holding evidence of decisions made during the working process while showing changes in the work that have taken place over time. This direct connection of media and concept, Drew works to layer past, present, and unseen aspects of a location. By weaving each of these threads into a single image, the result becomes a small narrative compression of the history, ideas, and personal connections to the land.




December 9, 2016 – January 20, 2017 | BOUNDLESS: KAI LIN ART proudly presents BOUNDLESS: Todd Monaghan, Larry Jens Anderson, and Elliston Roshi. BOUNDLESS, featuring new works from TODD MONAGHAN, LARRY JENS ANDERSON, and ELISION ROSHI, is an exploration into the human psyche and the human condition through immersive, intuitive, unconventional painting.

Our gallery is excited to welcome New York based spiritual surrealist, TODD MONAGHAN into our stable of artists. In this solo exhibition of works on canvas, Monaghan applies paint by flicking, spilling, and dripping into a textural, immersive, multi-level artworks. Monaghan’s painting engages formally with line and density on a large scale and thematically stare into the widest scope of all: our boundless universe. Stretching as large as 118 inches, these paintings relate to the individual and whole of the cosmos in their gripping, expressionistic approach. Monaghan has exhibited in New York, Atlanta, Miami and various galleries across the United States and abroad and his works have been collected by academic, corporate and private collections worldwide.


LARRY JENS ANDERSON is a prolific Atlanta based artist with a wide breadth of artwork in many styles and themes including gender, sexual identity, human rights, politics, religion and mortality, often referencing his family history. Anderson, who was born and raised in the small town of Randall, Kansas, has traveled and taught in both France and Italy where much of the inspiration for the pieces in BOUNDLESS comes from. Anderson’s drawings are elegant and beautifully rendered expressions of thought provoking and intensely personal subjects. Across multiple mediums, the viewer escapes into humor to seriousness, through love and meditations on the human condition. Anderson’s works have been exhibited in Hong Kong, Germany, Belgium, Japan, France, Italy, Australia, New York, Chicago, Los Angeles and throughout the USA. He is included in many corporate collections as well as the High Museum of Art, The Museum of Contemporary Art Atlanta, The Mint Museum Charlotte, Wichita Art Museum, and the Museum of Modern Art.

ELLISTON ROSHI practices spontaneity and respect for materials in his process. These artworks manifest as a double layered painting where colorful mixtures of Japanese sumi ink, charcoal, and watercolor on the underside of the framed glass interacts through light and perspective with the complimentary painting beneath the glass. These combinations are one where the sum is greater than the parts. The abstract relationship of each layer to the materials reveal a way of looking at beauty in the world. Roshi is an ordained abbot and guiding teacher at the Atlanta Soto Zen Center and has taught design at University of Illinois SAIC.




October 21 – December 3, 2016 | FRESH: Kai Lin Art proudly presents FRESH, a cutting-edge group exhibition featuring 18 artists from the Southeast. In curating the exhibition, Kai Lin Art has assembled a diverse group of artists working in a wide range of techniques and mediums as they explore unique perspectives on community and culture. Art as an universal language is influenced through regional practice and shared histories. Through painting, printmaking, drawing, and mixed media, FRESH is an exhibition that investigates the notions of our place in time in relation to the creative mind in the Contemporary South.

FRESH featuring artists Josh Brown, Rebecca Coll, Nate Dorn, Chris Hobe, Tim Kent, Michael Klapthor, Wen Lin, Carl Linstrum, Michelle Martin, John Morse, Lynx Nguyen, Sam Parker, Sanithna Phansavanh, Chris Skeene, Michael Thrush, Thomas Turner, Erik Waterkotte, and Niki Zarrabi // Opens Friday, October 21st, 2016 7:00 – 10:00pm + runs through December 3rd


September 9 – October 15, 2016: LAVISH PIGMENT is a four artist exhibition featuring Daniel Byrd, Tim Kent, Ashley L. Schick, and Donald Robson.

Daniel Byrd: In his inaugural exhibition, Daniel Byrd explores his passion for abstract expressionism and graffiti. Using large brushes, Byrd creates distinctive images that are wide and thin, loud and quiet, thick or transparent. The intention of this work is to encapsulate a sensation for the viewer to be enveloped by paint. This experience allows our mind to ponder each lavish layer as they dance across the surface of the canvas creating intense moments of color, mark and expression.

Tim Kent: Tim Kent has a deep respect for craftsmanship throughout his creation process. Each piece begins sculpturally through traditional canvas-building techniques to emphasize form and shape. Kent’s work allows the audience to visualize the environment as well as to consider how the surface of each plane, the edge and the interior of the canvas can all create an important avenue for discovery and uncovering. The volumes of canvas and its surrounding space are used as chiseling tools giving the viewer an understanding of the relationship between line, shadow, color, and form.

Ashley L. Schick: Field Studies is the result of a 10 year studio practice of thinking in colors and layers. Patterns, textures and organic forms inspire Ashley L. Schick with each hand-cut, hand-assembled composition. Each piece is a study of place, time, and experience as if the viewer is walking through a forest. The path might be the same, but light, wildlife, weather, season, and inner monologues are different each time. These works explore world building, speculation, and immersion as vibrant descriptions of the mental interior. The imaginary worlds with fragments of nature and culture, monuments and experience, islands and explosions are made new and take on hybrid and ambiguous forms allowing stories to seep out for the viewers’ own interpretation.

Donald Robson: In this exhibition of works on paper, Don Robson explores his fascination with interconnectedness. The thread that connects history with painting, music with theater, the high and the low brow. Symbolism, analogy, and metaphor are key themes throughout his work and narrative story telling never seems too far away. Through carefully curated lines and color, Robson finds himself rewriting and combining familiar visual cues of folktale, human achievement, and recognized stories.



July 22 – September 3rd, 2016: JEREMY BROWN: This I Know + PATRICK HEAGNEY: Paper Thin + BLOCKHEAD: Block Party | ‘This I Know’ is Atlanta based artist Jeremy Brown’s follow up show to his debut solo exhibit last summer ‘LOVE MARKS THE SPOT’. With this new body of work, Brown strives to showcase his unconventional techniques, abstract use of materials and collection of thoughts by combining an urban aesthetic with solid bright colors, clean horizon-like stripes, layers, depth, abstract marking and the use of text.

‘Paper Thin’ is a solo exhibition in our Grey Gallery of Patrick Heagney’s photographic works on archival pigment print. Each of us actively creates our own reality based on data from our observations and experiences. These characters in the pictures have come up against versions of reality different from their own and must reevaluate their whole world view.

‘Block Party’ by Blockhead is inspired by artist Chris Skeene’s collection of Pez dispensers and blind box art toys such as KidRobot. Chris hand-carves and paints Blockhead sculptures and creates a variety of characters through the repetition of a singular form. He invites collaborators to bring their own styles to the blank canvas of a carved Blockhead and finds infinite possibilities when using these forms as his canvas and the possibilities in the imagination of others.


June 3 – July 16, 2016: CONNECTED | This four artist exhibition features all new bodies of work by Rennaissance-inspired painter Lela Brunet, photo-surrealist mixed media artist Greg Noblin, history-inspired printmaker Jason Kofke, and introducing recent SCAD graduate Amy Douglas.

Lela Brunet’s artwork is heavily influenced by mythology, religion, and depictions of the female figure during the Renaissance Period. In this new series called Energize Her, Brunet explores the modern day version of the Renaissance woman through the relationship between technology and energy in our connected world. These dynamic female portraitures are being energized or interacting with energy. Each figure is surrounded by a vivacious manifestation of line, color, and shape.

Greg Noblin’s work explores surrealist environments through photo manipulation and mixed media. Each scenario may appear as allegorical with a feeling of imaginative, vintage children’s books in which animals engage in fantastical situations. Noblin seeks to find connection through the lens of his life experiences.

Jason Kofke explores the concept of sudden change through historically inspired moments where humanity is connected. These carefully rendered images of scientists, fighter jets, and astronauts in space suits suggests that human ambition and innovation can be both ascendant and ominous. Kofke imbues each piece with nostalgia and these works explore memories of a bygone era as catalysts for human connection.

Amy Douglas’ work identifies locations of architectural, historical, and visual interest from celebrated Seattle neighborhoods whose personalities are being muscled by population growth and progress. These artworks tell the visual stories of Seattle’s transition from past to present and our connection to one another through personal experiences of place and time.


April 8 – May 14, 2016: THE NEW SOUTH | Kai Lin Art proudly presents our inaugural juried works on paper exhibition THE NEW SOUTH. With 200+ artists submitting over 1,000 artworks, THE NEW SOUTH features 69 national artists (and one from Sweden) each exploring the contemporary Southern experience through the versatile and dynamic medium of paper. The intent of this exhibition is to bring attention to the diverse range of artistic expression found in Atlanta, Georgia. Presenting artists:

Ashley Anderson, Steven Anderson, Jamaal Barber, Robert Brown, Abby Bullard, Buzz Busbee, Joshua Chambers, InKyoung Chun, Laura Cleary, Rebecca Coll, Valentina Custer O’Roark, Diane Davis, Raymond DeCicco, Carlos Delgado, Jan DiPietro, Joe Dreher, Carly Drew, Michael Ezzell, Ashley Gattis, Melissa Harshman, Lisa Hart, Mary Hartman Parks, Stephanie Howard, Hwahyun Kim, Carl Janes, Anna Kenar, Brian Kendall, Susan Knippenberg, Lauren Kussro, Diego Lasansky, Dena Light, Michelle Martin, Steve McKenzie, Ron Meick, Kathy Meliopoulos, Andrew Muñoz, Tracy Murrell, Sarah Nathaniel, Eleanor Neal, Bora Choi Nepowada, Chris Neuenschwander, Lynx Nguyen, Christoph Nowak, Allison Parker-Shockley, Landon Perkins, Alejandro Prieto, Elmer Ramos, Donald Robson, Beatriz Rodriguez, Cassidy Russell, Hasani Sahlehe, Ashley L. Schick, Robert Sherer, Jaeyoun Shin, Tom Shutt, Spencer Sloan, Denise Stewart-Sanabria, Alison Stone, Wesley Terpstra, Dayna Thacker, Lance Turner, Thomas Turner, Laura Vela, Norman Wagner, Erik Waterkotte, Adam Wellborn, Fabian Williams, Lauren Wright, and Niki Zarrabi.


Kai Lin Art presents dual solo exhibitions Larry Jens Anderson in the Main Gallery + Todd Anderson in the Grey Gallery:

February 12 – April 2, 2016: The Past is Never The Past | In his first solo exhibition at Kai Lin Art, Larry Jens Anderson explores the embellished memories we carry in life. Family, home, and humor are interpreted through the veneer of our glossed realities. In this series of over 50 cohesive and divergent artwork ranging from drawing to painting, mixed media to sculpture, Anderson explores the notion that The Past is Never The Past.

February 26 – April 2, 2016: The Last Glacier | In his first exhibition at Kai Lin Art, printmaker Todd Anderson uses reductive woodcut techniques to make original prints inspired by the remaining glaciers in Glacier National Park. The Last Glacier project seeks to capture the fading majesty of the glaciers. Since its founding in 1910, the park contained more than 150 glaciers. Today, less than 25 glaciers remain.

alchemy + whispHer

December 11th, 2015 – January 30th, 2016 | alchemy + whispHer: Kai Lin Art will be hosting dual solo exhibitions by Elliston Roshi in our main gallery and Lela Brunet in our grey gallery:

alchemy | Elliston Roshi In his first solo exhibition at Kai Lin Art, Zen Buddhist Sensei Elliston Roshi creates a dynamic and transformative body of artworks through sumi ink on glass and gesso panel. Alchemy is defined as the medieval forerunner of chemistry based on the supposed transformation of matter.   With his command of materials, Roshi explores emotion and mysticism through the organic behavior of his medium and allows abstracted images to materialize through the natural processes of pigment, movement and water.  These pieces are what Roshi sees as “music for the eyes”.

whispHer | Lela Brunet In Lela Brunet’s second solo exhibition WhispHer, she found inspiration studying the Gothic ornamental details found in altarpieces of late Medieval Art. Bold golds, moody reds, graphite and coffee stains all play a role in her exploration into the richness of the female form, their graceful poses and facial expressions. Brunet’s obsessive focus on fine detail, intricate line work and geometric patterning are all on display as she balances darkness and beauty in the soft feminine sweetness of these dynamic works of art.

Atlanta Printmakers Studio Atlanta Print Biennial

November 6th, 2015 – November 30th, 2015 | Atlanta Printmakers Studio Atlanta Print Biennial: The Atlanta Print Biennial is an international juried exhibition of hand pulled prints and works on paper produced by renowned artists from around the world. The exhibit is organized by Atlanta Printmakers Studio and hosted by Kai Lin Art, and juried by Art Werger, an internationally known master of aquatint, color intaglio and mezzotint. The exhibition will feature 69 printmakers.

November 6th, 2015 – November 30th, 2015 | Carlos Delgado Solo Exhibition: In conjunction with the APS Print Biennial, we will be hosting a solo exhibition in our Grey Gallery of internationally renown, Cuban-born printmaker Carlos Delgado. A master printer who studied classical perspective, Delgado focuses on the idea of compositional space. This series is a suite of photogravure prints etched from copper plate onto Pescia paper. The pieces are an expression of the inter-connectivity between the mind and its relation to architectural elements.

LOVE marks the spot + OPPOSITES

August 7th, 2015 – September 11th, 2015 | LOVE marks the spot is a solo exhibition featuring graffiti-guided Jeremy Brown. This is Brown’s first solo show he explores passion, energy, and drive through the act of creation. His artworks are layered tiers of color fields, inspired thoughts, and abstracted shapes depicting unconditional love encapsulated in physical form. Through Jeremy’s work, love marks the spot.

August 7th, 2015 – September 11th, 2015 | OPPOSITES is an exhibition featuring hand-cut paper maven Lucha Rodriguez in our ancillary Grey Gallery. Rodriguez, whose work has just been collected by the High Museum of Art, creates wonderfully exquisite mixed media works based on her own extravagant symbolism of inspired creaturettes as it relates to the body.  Her art pieces are immersive, surreal, and environmental.


June 19th, 2015 – July 31st, 2015 | THE FUTURE IS NOW is a four artist exhibition featuring artwork by Jason Kofke, Alex Leopold, Sloane Bibb, and Wesley Terpstra. Each of these artists combine layered histories to create dynamic works of art that embody the past. Creative decisions begin to reflect individualized intentions creating a fresh perspective of the future, which only exists in the present moment.  Through the lens of each artist, The Future Is Now.


April 10th, 2015 – May 29th, 2015 | LUMINOUS: radiating, shining, illuminated.  LUMINOUS is a three person solo exhibition featuring all new works by Sam Parker, Greg Noblin, and Lela Brunet.


September 18th, 2015 – October 30th, 2015 | THE TITANS is a four artist exhibition featuring all new works by KAI LIN ARTists Wyatt Graff, Greg Noblin, Larry Jens Anderson, and Ashley L. Schick. Fresh off of his retrospective at MOCA-GA (Museum of Contemporary Art-Georgia), retired SCAD-Atlanta Professor Larry Jens Anderson will be showing an exhibit of works on paper in our Grey Gallery. One of our most widely collected artists, SCAD-Atlanta coach Wyatt Graff has created a new body of contemporary artwork on multiple layers of plexiglas. Greg Noblin has been quite prolific this year in this new collection of 10 new large works of photo-illustrative paneled works and former SCAD-Atlanta MFA graduate and Visual Arts faculty at Lovett School, Ashley L. Schick creates a collection based on planets.


February 13th, 2015 – April 3, 2015 | AMBITIOUS BEAST is a group exhibition featuring Ashley L. Schick, Elliston Roshi, Christopher Stevens, Jeremy Brown, Tom Haney, Lisa Hart, Patrick Heagney, Wen Lin, Jonny Warren, Augusta Wilson, Inkyeong Baek, Jaeyoun Shin, and Larry Jens Anderson.


December 19th, 2014 | awaken: / |əˈwākən| /to kindle, to rouse, to stimulate someone. Awaken is a four artist exhibition featuring all new original works of art by Greg Noblin, Patrick Heagney, Jonny Warren, and Carl Linstrum.


November 1st, 2014 | MIGRATORY POTENCY: /ˈmīɡrəˌtôrē ˈpōtnsē/ The movement of energy, power, and influence to affect one’s mind, body, and soul. This three person solo exhibition features new artwork from acclaimed artists Wallace DuVall, Elliston Roshi, and Dale Clifford. Migratory Potency is an examination of nature its influence on the human spirit. In a range of three different mediums, Duvall (mixed media), Roshi (sumi ink), and Clifford (lino/wood cut) each take a transformative approach to creating captivating imagery around the shared theme of nature and it’s effects on our conscious.


September 19th, 2014 |For the first time in our gallery history, Kai Lin Art is proudly to present elsewhere: a solo exhibition by Kent Knowles. Showcasing 30 paintings, 20 drawings, with 7 sculptural works, Kent Knowles explores the idea of self-preservation and self-isolation in an overly stimulated world. Using thick, rhythmic brushstrokes, he gesturally paints elegantly distorted female figures interacting with various animals in an intriguing suspension of reality. One can feel the sense of solitude within each of Kent’s paintings, bringing the viewer into a private realm where we so often retreat. The tension and relationship of each figure creates a sense of apprehension, stillness, and quiet warmth. Knowles’ palette of fresh and warm colors frame a dynamic environment full of vibrant movement. Kent’s art explores the ideas of communication and engagement between the external and internal. In an overly connected and stimulated world, we often find ourselves pondering our existence in nature through his imagery. These exquisite paintings evoke the feeling of being elsewhere.


August 8th, 2014 | FRESH FOLK: featuring Tom Francis, Scott Dupree, Jeremy Brown, and Adam Wellborn is a four person group exhibition featuring fresh, original works of art by four new artists.

The Pretenders

June 13th, 2014 | The Pretenders / Twilight Falls Gently / a small rustle are three concurrent solo art exhibitions featuring works by Carl Linstrum / Nathaniel Galka / Ashley L. Schick.


April 11th, 2014 | RETURNING HOME is a three person solo exhibition featuring fresh new works from Sam Parker, Larry Jens Anderson and introducing Peter Ferrari.


February 7th, 2014 | ENCYCLOPAEDIA /enˌsīkləˈpēdēə/: a type of reference work – a compendium holding a summary of information.

A Compendium of Modernity features Jason Kofke / Using the printing process, Kofke informs the digital record database of today through the printed Encyclopedias of his youth, so as to understand the printed image. Kofke uses the encyclopedia to remind us the importance of the printed image, and its ties to our history.

A Compendium of Fauna featuring Greg Noblin / In Noblin’s Animal series he ties the organic forms of the animal world and combines it with the rigidness of humanity to create a way to think about the perception of reality. Through the subject of animals, Noblin explores the concept of capturing reality in photography and all that concept entails.

A Compendium of Transcendence featuring Joe Tsambiras / Tsambiras creates a mythic world, influenced by medieval references, science fiction, classic fairy tales, and contemporary culture, that explores the space where nonlinear reasoning, intuition, and physical reality collide. His etchings evoke an inner world that inform us we must become in touch with the primal aspects of human nature.


December 13th, 2013 | WONDERMENT: /ˈwəndərmənt/: a state of awed admiration or respect. WONDERMENT is a three person solo exhibition featuring all new works by Wyatt Graff, Lucha Rodriguez, and introducing Kristine Nardelli.  Just in time for the holidays, WONDERMENT will also feature festive works by 10 artists in our Grey Gallery of small works: Sam Parker, Jon Arge, Ashley L. Schick, Greg Noblin, Mike Lowery, Katrin Wiehle, Tim Boyd, Jonny Warren, Lisa Hart, and Kent Knowles.


November 8th, 2013 | SOLACE: [’sälis]: To comfort in a time of distress. We are living in an perfectly precarious time in our world.  There is peace in knowing that we are all in this together.  That we can find SOLACE in our community, in our families, and through art. In this exhibition of works by our artists Nate and Travis Dorn, Patrick Heagney, and Cassidy Russell, each artist finds comfort by creating environments for the viewer to become enveloped into an otherworldly realm.


September 13th, 2013 | Perfectly Precarious: Art is perfect in its imperfections.  As an expression of the human soul, artists depend on a certain level of chance and uncertainty when creating.  In this exhibition of new and fresh works by our artists Greg Noblin, Elliston Roshi, Sam Parker, and Lisa Hart, Perfectly Precarious represents this contrast and juxtaposed dynamic. Please join us as we launch the grand opening our fourth exhibition Perfectly Precarious!


July 12th, 2013 | I’M LUCKING TO BE HERE (WITH SOMEONE I LIKE), YOU MAKE ME FEEL SPECIAL, & ASCENSION: These three concurrent solo exhibitions features new bodies of works by four artists.  I’m Lucky To Be Here (With Someone I Like) is a two person show with dozens of new drawings on wood, paper, and canvas by husband and wife team Mike Lowery and Katrin Wiehle; You Make Me Feel Special is a solo exhibit of new works on paper in our Grey Gallery by local talent John Tindel; Ascension introduces emerging artist Jonny Warren in our new Emerging Gallery projects space.  We hope you will join us for the launch of this incredible show!


May 10th, 2013 | INHABITED: inhabited is a triple solo exhibition featuring new art works from gallerist and Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD) professor Carl Linstrum, SCAD professor Larry Jens Anderson, and introducing Ashley L. Schick in our works on paper Grey Gallery.  in·hab·it·ed  {in hæ bit ed} :  to live or dwell, to exist.