It takes the same passion and energy to create love as it does to maintain love: patience, dedication, practice, an open mind, and open heart. Unconditional love is the greatest art form.

Everyday we have the choice of looking at our past and reconstructing it to make a brighter future. Through abundant layers and textures, Jeremy Brown’s art depicts the idea of love throughout his body of work.

Brown creates art as a way of expressing himself and a form of meditation. When he was 16, he began creating art by duplicating a Rothko painting. He found inspiration from Basquiat and the unconventionality of his works.

Part of Brown’s aesthetic is derived from the complex, layered, out of the box nature found in street art. He uses unconventional materials such as aerosols, concrete, and no brushes. He enjoys abstract art, fine lines, bright colors, and elaborate finishes. All of Brown’s pieces are held together by a strong interest for humanity and compassion.

“When you’re searching for happiness and peace, love is where you’ll find it. Love is absence of hatred. Love is my religion,” says Brown.

These pieces are layered tiers of color, text, and thoughts encapsulating the essence of Jeremy Brown’s artistic and emotive acts of creation. Love, compassion, desire, acceptance, peace, art, and harmony all play a role within the works. Brown’s use of highly saturated colors in this body of work depict the intensity of true love and passion. Love marks the spot.


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