SUBLIME | August 3 - September 21

Kai Lin Art is pleased to announce the opening of SUBLIME, our sixth exhibition of 2018. Featuring new artwork from Jeremy Brown, Lela Brunet, Elliston Roshi, Blockhead, and introducing Phil Harris, SUBLIME brings dynamic abstract paintings on resin, plexiglass, and paper into the gallery in addition to the uniquely collectible sculptures of Blockhead. Each artist has collaborated together on multiple artworks making this exhibition simply sublime.

7:00 - 10:00 PM

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sublime /səˈblīm/ of such excellence, grandeur, or beauty as to inspire great admiration or awe. synonyms: elevated, awe-inspiring, majestic, magnificent, glorious, superb, wonderful, marvelous, splendid.

Resident Kai Lin Artist Jeremy Brown creates a fresh collection of his signature layered resin works. Part of Brown’s aesthetic is derived from the complex, layered, out of the box nature found in street art. He uses unconventional materials such as aerosols, concrete, and custom neon light fixtures. The works of SUBLIME are influenced by the nature of memories and recreation and make use of found objects by integrating them directly into the artwork. All of Brown’s pieces are held together through a strong interest and care for humanity and compassion.

The highly sought after and prolific multimedia artist and muralist Lela Brunet has developed a new series of goddesses and sirens for SUBLIME. Combining modern and graphic patterns with a multitude of mixed media practices in addition to influences from her multicultural upbringing, Brunet has continued her affinity for depicting powerful female icons and deities from cultures around the world. The works of SUBLIME draw inspiration from the canonical Hindu goddesses such as Devi and Kali as well as introducing a smaller series of collectable, abstracted florals. 

Disciplined artist and director of the Atlanta Zen Center Elliston Roshi paints flowingly abstract artworks on plexiglass and gesso panel. Framed together, the two paintings become one in an overlapping harmony of colors and shapes inspired by musical abstraction and zen. The newest series by Roshi introduces singular geometric forms to contrast with the organic, flowing movements of color and creates the perception of depth and distance in the artworks. 

Blockhead is a pseudonym invented by Chris Skeene as a way to explore the thriving free art scene in Atlanta. Inspired by his collection of Pez and blind box art toys, Chris uses blockheads to bring variety to the repetition of a singular form. Though much of the inspiration for his work are from machine-made items, blockheads are each hand-carved and painted, thereby highlighting the individuality and uniqueness of each piece. Chris also extends the unique nature of the figures by inviting collaborators to bring their own styles to the blank canvas of a carved blockhead. Collaborations include Blockheads painted by SUBLIME artists Lela Brunet and Phil Harris and Atlanta artist Niki Zarrabi. 

FRESH artist Phil Harris joins Kai Lin Art with a new series of works for his first exhibition at the gallery. Harris’ work takes the colors and feelings of pop culture and music as a starting point for complex, detailed and geometrically layered abstract paintings on plexiglass. Each work is a dual painting of two plexiglass panels sandwiched together. His signature concentric semi-circles dominate the front panels with beautiful surfaces and unique combinations of colors and patterns while underneath the translucent pane a loose and dynamic aerosol painting creates the moody atmosphere. Harris has collaborated with Lela Brunet, Blockhead and Jeremy Brown for three separate partnerships of style and artwork for SUBLIME.