MOMENTUM :: April 12 - May 31

FRIDAY, APRIL 12, 2019
7:00 - 10:00 PM


MOMENTUM - APRIL 12 - MAY 31, 2019 | KAI LIN ART is pleased to announce our third exhibition of 2019 featuring the collaborations of Lela Brunet & Phil Harris, Jeremy Brown & Adam Podber, Joe Camoosa & Ryan McCullough, Fabian Williams, Miya Bailey, Blockhead and Kevin Palme. This exhibition centers around collaborative works by a diverse group of regional Southeastern-based artists who are creating work that reflects our contemporary state of creativity and shows what can happen when we work together.

Resident gallery artists Lela Brunet and Phil Harris collaborate together on three new large scale works that combines their aesthetics into layered, pop-infused, portraits of female goddesses made of sharp lines, bold colors and delicate figures. Long time artist at the gallery, Jeremy Brown collaborates with Adam Podber on a group of multimedia pieces that combine graffiti, aerosol, graphic design and resin.

Joe Camoosa returns to Kai Lin Art with Tampa-based artist Ryan McCullough collaborating on a large selection of works on paper. Mesmerizing compositions of lines, overlapping colors and interwoven geometric shapes and lines come together as Camoosa and McCullough merge their respective styles into an abstractly formal yet progressively fluid style.

Atlanta Artist Fabian Williams, know for his cosmic style and large scale murals around the city, is collaborating with artists Malika Deshon and Barry Duperon for several pieces in the exhibition. Miya Bailey of Peter Street Station and City of Ink will be showing at Kai Lin Art for the first time. Bailey has created a new body of work for our gallery featuring abstracted figures and natural palettes. MOMENTUM will also include one of the most collaborative artists at the gallery, Blockhead (C. Skeene) who invites a group of collaborators to bring their own styles onto the blank canvas of his iconic hand-carved blockhead in new inventive ways.

To round out the exhibition, Asheville resident and artist Kevin Palme returns to Kai Lin Art with his exquisitely refined and incredibly skilled oil paintings for a solo show within our Grey Gallery. Palme, previously a part of our 2018 exhibition Magic, paints still lives of melting ice cubes, frozen in a state of rest but leaping out of the canvas with truly magical effects. Each piece is painted in a serene hues that dance between abstraction and photo realism.

MOMENTUM exhibits through Friday, May 31st, 2019