Larry Jens Anderson // works on paper sale @kailinart

We are pleased to offer these 40 original works on paper by renown Atlanta-based artist Larry Jens Anderson in our Kai Lin Art Shop.

Larry’s first passion is drawing and he uses play and experimentation to express recognizable images and sometimes non-objective compositions. Larry brought from his studio a range of artworks, most of which have never exhibited. The works on paper below range from acrylic paintings to classical pencil drawings:

For over thirty years, Larry has been a professor of art in Atlanta and most recently at the Savannah College of Art and Design. Larry’s work has exhibited in over 11 countries, collected by many major corporate collections as well as The Museum of Modern Art, MOCA GA, The High Museum, the Mint Museum of Charlotte, and the Wichita Art Museum. Much of his work has dealt with gender, sexual identity, human rights, politics, religion, and mortality often referencing his family history.