Atlanta Hawks commissions Larry Anderson for Owner's Club

We are so pleased and excited to share that our artist Larry Jens Anderson was selected this past summer as the first artist for placement within the Atlanta Hawk’s Owner’s Club by Amy Parry Projects, an Atlanta-based boutique art consulting firm in conjunction with the interior design firm Smith Hanes Studio.

This summer, the Atlanta Hawks began the process of a total interior transformation of their home within Philips Arena in the heart of downtown Atlanta. Larry's work was commissioned to fill a nearly 18 foot long niche within the Owner's Club, one of the VIP spaces which opened in October with the beginning of the 2017-2018 NBA Season. 

“Feathers have been a part of my imagery for many years. They take on different characteristics: angels which represent the escape from grief and a level of perfection that can also be wounded.” -Anderson

Recently Larry’s feathers have become separated from being a reference to another thing or idea to becoming the image itself. Using acrylic on layers of watercolor paper, the feathers take on an opaqueness and transparency. The physicality of paint used as a drawing material pushes these pieces into a three dimensionality creating surface texture and a beautiful ethereal quality.

The Owner's Club was designed by Smith Hanes Studio and features a handful of local artists. AP Projects consultants Amy Parry and Lisa Thrower have a long history of working with the established artists of Atlanta, and felt that Larry's inclusion, like other artists in the developing collection, aligns with the mission of the Hawks franchise to stay "True to Atlanta." As a professor, social activist and beloved arts community member, Larry is a true VIP in his own right. For the project, Larry created over 20 small paintings of hawk's feathers.

Thank you to Amy Parry, Lisa Thrower, Smith Hanes, and The Atlanta Hawks!


For inquiries on the availability of the feather pieces by Larry, please contact the gallery at 404 408 4248 or email

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