The ART of FRESH 2

Saturday, April 7th
4:00 - 6:00pm

If you are interested in any of the works from the show,
please connect with us or 404 408 4248!

The exhibition will run through April 20

FRESH 2 features :
atlTVhead, Lee Arnett , Inkyeong Baek, Lauren Betty, Andrew Catanese, Will Eskridge, Mike Germon, Phil Harris, Lisa Hart, Chris Hobe, Michelle Martin, Dustin Lee Massey, Art McNaughton, Landon Perkins, Stephen Philms, Carmen Rice, Chris Skeene, Freda Sue, Jesse Watts, Art Werger, Jay Wiggins (Evereman),
and Kevin Palme

These artists have been selected by Kai Lin Art as fresh and unique voices in Atlanta and follows up 2017’s FRESH exhibition as an opportunity for Kai Lin Art to show selected works from some of the many incredible artists we have developed relationships with over the past 10 years. FRESH 2 is a cross-section all of the diverse and dynamic artistic styles and perspectives in the city. 

404 408 4248 | INFO@KAILINART.COM