Landon Perkins

My artwork interrogates dysfunctional systems, suburban psychology and material consumption through art focused in the mediums of printmaking, sculpture, installation and mixed media.

As a product of late capitalism, paired with growing up in a northern Florida suburb, I came to understand the hollow promises of material wealth and privilege. Shopping malls, window product displays and cookie cutter store climates presented my endless desires as mere spectacles. My mundane fulfillments eroded and the process of this erosion is the source of my artwork.

My research generates from everyday observations and interactions. I create illustrative and physical narratives told through means of production. Depicting, combining and using ready-made materials, I twist functional uses, visually creating and responding to a system of dysfunctionality. This interdisciplinary process allows me to metaphorically poke holes in our shared presumptions within the mundane; while also examining the influence of our surroundings and questioning its bi-products.

Landon M. Perkins is an interdisciplinary artist originally from Tallahassee, Florida. Perkins earned his MFA degree in Printmaking from Syracuse University in 2017 and his BFA degree in Studio Art from Florida State University in 2014. Perkins currently lives and works as an artist in Auburn, NY. Perkins artworks have exhibited internationally, nationally and are part of private collections throughout the United States, Australia, Belgium, and the United Kingdom.

404 408 4248 | INFO@KAILINART.COM