June 3 – July 16, 2016: CONNECTED | This four artist exhibition features all new bodies of work by Rennaissance-inspired painter Lela Brunet, photo-surrealist mixed media artist Greg Noblin, history-inspired printmaker Jason Kofke, and introducing recent SCAD graduate Amy Douglas.

Lela Brunet’s artwork is heavily influenced by mythology, religion, and depictions of the female figure during the Renaissance Period. In this new series called Energize Her, Brunet explores the modern day version of the Renaissance woman through the relationship between technology and energy in our connected world. These dynamic female portraitures are being energized or interacting with energy. Each figure is surrounded by a vivacious manifestation of line, color, and shape.

Greg Noblin’s work explores surrealist environments through photo manipulation and mixed media. Each scenario may appear as allegorical with a feeling of imaginative, vintage children’s books in which animals engage in fantastical situations. Noblin seeks to find connection through the lens of his life experiences.

Jason Kofke explores the concept of sudden change through historically inspired moments where humanity is connected. These carefully rendered images of scientists, fighter jets, and astronauts in space suits suggests that human ambition and innovation can be both ascendant and ominous. Kofke imbues each piece with nostalgia and these works explore memories of a bygone era as catalysts for human connection.

Amy Douglas’ work identifies locations of architectural, historical, and visual interest from celebrated Seattle neighborhoods whose personalities are being muscled by population growth and progress. These artworks tell the visual stories of Seattle’s transition from past to present and our connection to one another through personal experiences of place and time.