Artists are creatures without inhibition.  We observe, we investigate, we dream, we perfect, and we create.  More importantly, we evolve. Art is more than something visual or audible.  It has a spirit as our lives have spirit.  Art is a living, breathing entity that grows.  It hurts, it breathes, it bleeds, it feels, it hears, it speaks, it matures.  Art is first and foremost a manifestation of emotion and of life.

I endeavor to encompass these aspects into my work.  I’m obsessed with the mysteries hidden on both the macro and micro levels of our creation.  I wish to inspire the viewer to think they are peering through the lens of a microscope and witnessing mitosis for the first time. Or possibilty through a telescope into the greater cosmos beholding the birth of a star.

My work has been inspired by the natural, hypostatic melding of sediment often found in river basins, after spring showers on pavement, in celestial bodies and supernovals, or even chicken noodle soup. My work has often been described as liquid, molten, effervescent, and fluid. Nature and the laws found therein are my chief inspirations.


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