Roxane Hollosi

My work intends to honor and recognize the beauty of our internal and external Nature. I create contemporary interpretations of the observations and emotional energies I experience in and around me. My art nudges at the primal sensibilities of the viewer. It’s a reminder to reconnect to the beauty within and the beauty without. My spiritual awareness and respect for the Earth, hints to the Native American influences I experienced as a child growing up in Southern MN. The voice of Nature, whether it be the world around us, or the sanctuaries within us, is getting drowned out by our exceedingly loud technological and ego driven world. My work is about paying attention to and capturing the essence of the precious whispers and intimidated vitalities around us that are getting suffocated, and validate them with visual form. I use rhythmic mark making with overlapping wet and dry mediums to create intricate, organic and unique textural surfaces. I invite my viewer to psychologically step through the surface of my work, stroll around awhile, and experience a moment of wonder and exploration.

404 408 4248 | INFO@KAILINART.COM