RADIATE :: NOV 16, 2018 - JAN 4, 2019

Opening Friday, NOV 16, 2018
7:00 - 10:00 PM

free and open to the public
Exhibition runs through JAn 4, 2019

Kai Lin Art is pleased to announce our final exhibition of 2018, RADIATE : A 10 YEAR ANNIVERSARY. Throughout the last decade, we’ve worked and exhibited over 500 artists from across the Southeast and beyond. In this retrospective, we have curated sixty artists from our stable to present artwork that best represents their aesthetic. Many of our Kai Lin Artists are creating fresh new artworks for this exhibition.


featuring the work of
70 Dot - Donna Howells, Alexi Torres, Amy Douglas, Andrea Garland, Andrew Catanese, Art Werger, Ashley L. Schick, Blockhead, Brad Johnston, Carl Janes, Carmen Rice, Cynthia Lollis, Dale Clifford, Erik Waterkotte, Fabian Williams, GREG MIKE, Gregory Noblin, Hannah Adair, Inkyeong Baek, Jaeyoun Shin, Jamaal Barber, KOFKE Jason Kofke, Jeremy Brown, Joe Camoosa, John Morse, John Tindel, Johnny Warren, Julio Ceballos, Kevin Palme, Landon Perkins, LarrY JENS Anderson, Lee Arnett, Lela BRUNET, Lisa Hart, Lucha Rodriguez, Lynx, Marc Boyson, Michael Elliston, mike lowery, Nate Damen, Nate Dorn, Niki ZarrabI, Patrick Heagney, Phil Harris, Roxane HollOSI, Sam Parker, Sanithna, Spencer Sloan, Steven Anderson, Stephen Philms, Tim Kent, Todd Anderson, Tracy Murrell, Trish LanD, Valentina Custer, Valerie Zimany, Wen Lin, Wesley Terpstra, Will Eskridge, Wyatt Graff, AND Yohey Horishita

We are so grateful for your support and dedication to the arts. Thank you to all the patrons, collectors, artists, curators, museums, corporations, consultants, and creatives that have come through our gallery doors. It is because of your support that we can continue on our trajectory to keeping art alive in Atlanta.

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