January 27, 2017 - March 11, 2017 | HATCHED: KAI LIN ART is pleased to present HATCHED featuring artists Thomas Turner and Carly Drew. HATCHED features Thomas Turner’s surreal and symbolic acrylic paintings on wood panel as well as Carly Drew’s layered watercolor landscapes of southern Appalachia. Both artists explore themes of interconnectedness and the passage of time, each from their own personal points of view.

Thomas Turner takes inspiration from Chinese folklore, Greek mythology, Buddhism and Quantum theories to illustrate poetic explorations of universal human origin and connectedness. Turner plays with classical and traditional symbols in a contemporary palette and style where the viewer is witness to our existence and conception personified through birds, landscapes and celestial bodies. Turner has previously been a part of numerous group exhibitions in Atlanta including Kai Lin Art’s “The New South” and “Fresh”. This is Turner’s first solo exhibition.

Carly Drew examines our ever changing relationships to place through layers of personal history, industrial changes to the terrain and the rich American landscape painting traditions. Drawing parallels these layers by holding evidence of decisions made during the working process while showing changes in the work that have taken place over time. This direct connection of media and concept, Drew works to layer past, present, and unseen aspects of a location. By weaving each of these threads into a single image, the result becomes a small narrative compression of the history, ideas, and personal connections to the land.