“I’ve been frequenting the Kai Lin Art Gallery for 3 years now and have been following them as they’ve grown. The Atlanta art scene is filled with talent and diversity, but I’ve found Kai Lin to be the most approachable and relevant gallery space in the city. Kai Lin’s prices are actually accessible to those interested in joining the art collector scene, so I’m proud to say that this gallery is where I finally decided to become an art collector myself. If you’re not quite ready to become a collector, it’s still a great place to be on opening nights. The atmosphere is fun, exciting, and it’s great for networking in the Atlanta art scene – or simply standing back and being dazzled by all of the creative and unique fashion statements. The owner Yu-Kai and all of his artists (always present at openings to tell you the stories and ideas behind their work) are so warm and personable that you cannot help but to approach them. Kai Lin gallery clearly wants the Atlanta art scene to thrive; they connect people who celebrate creativity. If you’re looking for a reason to get into the art scene, or are already in it and just ready for a refreshing perspective, then sign up for their newsletter, attend their next event, or just show up. Your experience will be wonderful.”

Will Pridgen, Atlanta

“I am by no stretch a big time art collector, just a guy who occasionally buys works by local artists to decorate my apartment.  Original art has life and warmth like nothing else on your walls. Kai Lin Art makes the art world accessible. You can actually afford the art. It doesn’t cost as much as a car. More like buying a piece of reasonably priced furniture – and worth it. There is nothing intimidating about the gallery. Even so, the location and the space let’s you know this is the real deal. The owner Yu-Kai Lin is a regular person, who is friendly, easy to talk to, and obviously loves his job. He is passionate about supporting talented local artists who deserve recognition. He has a good eye for art. So you might wind up taking home an important work by a rising star in the art world. I feel like I did.”

Milo Ippolito, Atlanta

“I wanted to let you know how wonderful it was to work with you and your gallery.  Our event was a huge success.  Everyone was asking me how did I find you and I received so many compliments on what a great space it was for our bat mitzvah.  I loved the art exhibit that you were showing at the time, it worked great with our party. The best part about it is getting to know you and being a part of your ongoing exhibition invite list.  I am always interested in up and coming artists and you seem to have a cutting edge eye for what’s out there. I would definitely recommend Kai Lin Art to anyone looking for a great event space or art.”

Leslie Diamond, Think Goodman

“I’ve had the wonderful opportunity of knowing Yu-Kai not only through business but through a friendship as well. One of the fabulous benefits of being in his world is the opportunity to meet many people. Yu-Kai has mastered connecting-the-dots. He thinks holistically about relationships and believes every introduction is an opportunity to build an even larger network. The art that he chooses for Kai Lin Art reflects his gift of connections. His selections are thoughtful, meaningful, and relevant.”

William Duffee-Braun, Fenuxe Magazine

“I have attended several openings at Kai Lin Art and have purchased a number of pieces from the gallery.  The shows are fun and fresh and the opening night events are always filled with fabulous people.  I try to never miss an opening night show!   The business side of my purchases with Yu-Kai have been smooth and simple.  He is flexible and pleasant to work with, and makes obtaining beautiful artwork a seamless process.”

Kent Finley, Assurant

“A friend of mine invited me to an opening at the Kai Lin Art gallery and I fell in love! Incredible space, great energy and a room so packed it spilled over onto the side walk outside! I also fell in love with a piece of art and approached Yu-Kai about possibly doing a “layaway” so I could call it my own. He accommodated me immediately! Who would of thought? A gallery where you can feel at home, the prices are good and the art even better. Thank you Yu-Kai for making Atlanta a cooler place to live.”

Laurel Rummel, Good Clean Design

“I’ve worked with Yu-Kai for several years in his capacity as director of several of Atlanta’s premier galleries and now as the proprietor of Kai Lin Art.  He’s such a delightful person to know and has always impressed me with his passion for art and the consideration he shows to clients, vendors and staff alike.  His courtesy and professionalism, combined with his approachable and easy-going nature, make him a true pleasure to do business with.  I was thrilled when he opened his own gallery and have been even happier staging events in such a charming space. The gallery has an easy elegance that lends itself to any functions and is enhanced by local art that is intelligent, engaging and vital.”

Kim Ferguson, Endive

“I love going to the shows at Kai Lin Art. Yu-Kai does a wonderful job of organizing and hosting some of the best gallery shows I’ve attended.  I love how personable and down to earth Yu-Kai is—no matter if you’re spending one hundred or one thousand and up,  I don’t think it really matters.  He greets everyone with a smile and a hug—if you’re lucky. Thanks Yu-Kai for turning me on to so many great local artist and thank you for your patience with indecisive people like me. LOL—now I have a two pieces that make me smile every time I see them. Can’t wait for the next show!”

Nicole Giles, Turner

“I remember when Yu-Kai was dreaming of one day opening his own gallery, and I have been fortunate enough to watch him make that dream a reality. As a designer I am always looking for art for clients and I have had nothing but pleasant experiences every time we work together. His eye for art and design is so fresh and unique that I know I will be able to find something special. Having both a professional and personal relationship with Yu-Kai has been my good fortune, his smile is infectious and his positive outlook on everything makes him amazing to be around. I know that over time he will continue to be cutting edge in the art he represents and it will be my pleasure to work with him and watch him grow.”

Niki PapadopolousMark Williams Interior Design

“I wanted to thank you and your staff for renting the Kai Lin Art gallery for our wedding anniversary party.  We were thrilled with the space and the kindness and flexibility of you and your manager. The party went amazingly, the acoustics were great, the space was perfect. We were so, so happy and would recommend your gallery for any occasion. You and your gallery made our night a night to remember.”

Gillian Canty-Ross, SubSpace Communications

“Kai Lin Art Gallery feels like it could be in SoHo. Vast open spaces, brightly lit, with art that evokes a feeling of positive sophistication. The space allows the art to breathe and visitors to stand back and absorb. Exhibits are often theme oriented and rotate frequently.  A must visit for those that want to see the best of the Atlanta arts scene.”

Helen Kim Ho, AALAC

“I have nothing but good things to say about Kai Lin Art and its owner Yu-Kai. The space is sophisticated and hip, and its exhibits rotate regularly making each visit new and exciting.  I’ve attended openings for several of the gallery’s themed exhibits including Popstars and Cokeheads, MONSTERS, Joy!, and most recently, Earth – each has been unique and very well attended.  In addition to its must-attend openings, Kai Lin Art is available to rent as an event space.  I rented the space last last year to hold charity fundraiser in support a local non profit. Through every stage of the planning process, Yu-Kai was flexible, accommodating, and extremely generous with his time. The gallery’s open layout was the perfect local for the event, and Yu-Kai’s support was invaluable.”

Rachel Kana, AHRC

“As an artist represented by Yu-Kai, I can say absolutely say first hand what a generous, open minded, fair, and giving man he is. Which is only then reflected ten fold by the gallery he not only owns, but runs himself daily. I am aware of numerous times the gallery has donated time and space to others.  It’s a beautiful space and it is maintained to remain so constantly. The gallery itself is one of the best representations of how diverse the art is in this city.  Artists like myself who have worked in this city for 20 years are thoughtfully paired with younger ones who are just beginning to spread their wings.  Students from SCAD are constantly encouraged to participate in all aspects of the gallery.  Gender or orientation never coming into play, Kai Lin Art’s standard remains quality over quantity. I’ve done very well with Kai Lin Art and …having handled all of my sales there, Kai Lin Art has each and every time handled themselves in a completely professional, courteous, thorough, and timely manner.”

Jon Arge, Artist

“This gallery owner is not afraid of anything or anyone. Shows what he wants, when he wants. His kindness is the only thing that shows as much as his courage. I’ve spent some time here, at shows, and hanging out. What a gem. Yu-Kai and his staff, have begun to spin a web that may actually foster an art community in Atlanta. Stop in some time. Take in what’s on the walls. Talk to the staff. Ask for a cup of coffee. These people are intelligent, and nice. An amazingly refreshing venue in our often disconnected city!”

Adam Wellborn, DesignToads

“Yu-Kai is an amazing benefit to both the artists and the community and I’m very happy to be associated with him.  His passion for what he does is contagious.”

Greg Noblin, Artist

“Wonderful space, beautiful art. You will find something amazing for your place here. The owner is super nice and very community minded. I’ve attended several fundraisers here and I love his willingness to help out the community!”

Daniel B., Yelp

“I love this art gallery– very nice art plus the owner Yu-Kai Lin  is simply the BEST – smart, friendly, talented– he has it all!!!  so check out his gallery.”

Richard Krauss., Yelp

“Amazing space in a great location.  The art changes quite regularly and it is one of my go to spots for art I purchase and art I put on my wish list. Yu-Kai’s unassuming charm and knowledge make the whole experience natural.  He shows art for those with a beer budget all the way up to vintage champagne budget and his shop allows you to pick up really cool gifts for friends that are one of a kind.”

Dana McPherson, LuxTastic Cruises

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