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We would like to especially thank the following people in our community who have helped to build and grow our gallery:

Dana and George Rohrig, Lee Bryan, Brett Osborn, Dale Clifford, Robert Brown, Matt Maloney, Alessandro Imperato, the professors and administrators of SCAD-Atlanta, Tony Nelson, Cooper French, Tracy Mancinelli, Yummy Piece of Flour, Whole Foods Buckhead, Christine Collier, Mike Cooke, Dru Phillips, Steve Harris, Robert Searfoss, Mark Rox Tioxon, Erin Hollenbank, Wes Shumaker, Paul Hunsucker, Kris Tubman, Anne Davnes-Elser, Brenda Jones, Kim Ferguson, Bill Ewing, Rusty Newport, Jenny Sun and Andy Silvestri, Kyla Cox, Sharon Moskowitz, Mikki Douglas, Warren Huntley, Stephen Bridges, Charlston Silva, Tim Hobby, Fred Gear, Wallace DuVall, Alyssa DuVall, Hillary Murdock, Nicole Craine, James Garrett, Greg Mike, Jon Arge, Mark Williams, Adam Wellborn, Jon Arge, James Chambers, Drew Henderson, Melissia Fernander, Fate McKinney, Philip Rafshoon, Adam Amram, Kathryn Guay, Peggy Denby, Perry Phillips, Keith Hobbs, Wayne Chisenhall, Sean Tran, Sharon Fisher, Julie Fillmore, Wyatt Graff, Brittany Wages, Jo Arellanes, Jeremy Brown, Aaron Jackson, Shelley DuBois, William Duffee-Braun, Mary Kate Burnsed, Sarah Lodato, Gina Livingston, Tim Cowley, Adam Amram, Jessica Peet, Nathaniel Galka… and to all of our wonderful artists and those of you who’ve supported our gallery through purchasing art, thank you!