Black Paper 1 oil on canvas 48 x 88 inches WTE 003G

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The “Portraits” Series seeks to draw particular focus to my fascination with seemingly unimportant, mostly flat paper surfaces. In the tradition of 17th century trompe l’oeil Letter Rack paintings, I create portraits of my experiences engaging with the subject matter of flattened cardboard boxes, large folded pieces of paper, and small found paper scraps of various, and often indistinct, purposes. These paintings are executed and arranged to draw attention to the inherent abstraction and the hints of the sublime, which I perceive through a Color Field approach to viewing. By producing oil paintings and watercolors that employ methods of illusion, I seek to draw the viewer into experiencing the depiction in a more engaged manner.

Each depiction records an unknown history or marks, tear, wear. For some subjects, even the initial use is now obscured. These are distinct markers of a series of lost experiences. Where do the actions of this moment fall in the spectrum of time and, at what point do they cease to exist?

We only know this moment. We are informed by the memory of the past and can often make reasonable predictions of the future but our only experience is the present. There are many feelings associated with focus on the past or future; reminiscing, nostalgia, regret, hope, longing, fear, anticipation. It strikes me that to experience the myriad feelings of the past and future within this moment is another view of the “sublime”. In other words, the mix of fear and awe, which defines the concept of the sublime, may be experienced when there is simply too much emotion for a single moment. By compressing the line of time into the now, I find myself overcome by the experience.

When asked what drives my work, the answer is as simple and unclear as “the immense weight of all that has occurred and been forgotten”. Not only is this sense pursued in the variety of my paintings but I feel, is dependent upon that variety. By exhibiting a wide breadth of subject and material I strive to highlight the constant element amidst the difference; the continuity within the rupture.

The subject of color-field paintings naturally connects to my tendency to perceive wonder or view the “sublime” within the everyday or mundane elements of life. The fleeting moments, the captivating nuances of unintentionally affected surfaces, and the shifts of light throughout the day all hold the same potential for inspiring a sense of the grandness of existence. This pursuit is performed in methods ranging from working with found material and painterly abstraction to trompe l’oiel depictions of subject and realist still-life painting.

Within this range of subjects, the human tendency of viewing based upon assumption and our desire to project or discern images is highlighted and seeks to draw the viewer into a more active role of listening to the “conversations” of the works. Each work shifts in role of subject or context as it speaks with the works around it. As individual pieces are grouped and regrouped, the associations and effects upon perception are altered. Then, amidst the change of subject and material, a constant, yet ambiguous, sense emerges. Continuity may be perceived as a result of variety.

For availability and inquiries, please call 404 408 4248 or e-mail info@kailinart.com