Tiny Whisper Marker and acrylic on paper 27.5 x 39 inches

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This work is about transformation, balance and perseverance.  All life is in a state of flux and change. As a creative being I have become acutely aware of the shifting contexts of my life. This work is about living and persevering beyond ill-fated childhood events. This work began in my youth before I was conscious of its implications and will continue throughout my life. This work must be made to relieve the pang of things I can’t communicate in words. This work is made to honor friends who had it much worse than I. Horrendous things happen to children. Bad things happened to me. It would be a lie to say that my experiences were as severe as the hellish lives that some children live, but I struggle nonetheless. The world is a brutal place. I hold onto brutal secrets. I continue to deal with these things through my work. Childhood should be fun and naïve, not full of drug abuse and forced sexual encounters. This work is dedicated to Paul, Careen, Redboi, Dusty (RIP), and anyone who survived childhood. Sam Parker was born in 1975, in Minneapolis, Minnesota, where he spent his formative year learning to draw and paint. Sam moved to Atlanta Georgia in 1995 where he began tattooing professionally, a career that has continued to this current day. Sam finished his undergraduate degree in 2004 at Kennesaw State University with a BFA in drawing and painting. He received his MFA in Drawing and painting from Georgia State University in May of 2010. He continues to work in his Atlanta studio, exhibiting his drawings, paintings and sculptures regularly in local galleries as well as nationally.

For availability and inquiries, please call 404 408 4248 or e-mail