Kyrie Mixed media on paper 29.5 x 22.5 inches LGE 001-G

My work presents variations on the themes of movement, sight, sound, and the human imagination. Works spring from energy patterns that I sense through and beyond the subject. Often the subject becomes metaphor as I dig, reach, and express something beyond what we see with our eyes. I often draw outdoors, in studios, in the midst of orchestras, ensembles, and with individual musicians, and my work includes live public performances, from concert stage to small gallery.

In my work with music, I use a unique empathy and a musical sensibility, through which I merge with musician and instrument, feeling them become the music they play. I also use these abilities to get inside the music itself. I take this experience to the studio, where line, form, and color are as much properties of sound as of visual art. Musicians and instruments often become the music they are playing, or something else entirely.

Each piece I create is a spark, a glimpse into the unknown.

Lori-Gene has exhibited throughout the United States, in Europe, Scandinavia and Central Asia. Galleries and museums that have exhibited her work include the Imatran Taidemuseo in Finland, Sierra Nevada College in Nevada, Galeria del Auditorio Raul Bailleres in Mexico City, Mexico, Grove Gallery in La Jolla, California, Zenith Gallery in Washington DC, Gallery One in Nashville, Tennessee, and The Contemporary Arts Center in Atlanta, Georgia.

Her work is collected worldwide. Institutional collections include the Art Museum in Tashkent, Uzbekistan, Mobile Museum of Art in Mobile, AL, and Sankt Ansgar Gymnasium in Hamburg, Germany. Corporate Collections include King & Spalding, AT & T Corporation, Hilton Hotel, Easton OH, Four Seasons Hotel, Atlanta, GA, The Palmer House, Chicago, IL, and Taylor Mathis Corporation. She is represented in numerous private collections.

She has received many grants and awards, including residencies in France, Uzbekistan, the Hambidge Center in Rabun Gap, Georgia, and the Banff Centre in Alberta, Canada.

In her Virtuosi series, Lori-Gene investigates movement, sight and sound. The concept for this series began during her artist residency at the Banff Centre, where she perceived a close relationship among artistsʼ goals in different disciplines. Returning to the U.S., she created a body of drawings based on that vision. Her work caught the attention of composer Thierry Pécou and cellist Silvia Lenzi, who granted Lori-Gene a residency in France to explore the relationship of sound and color, and create the art for their internationally published CD cover. During this residency, she exhibited her work in Paris and in Pelvoux, France. Lori-Gene also created the artwork for CDs published by ACA Digital Recording and Sir Fir Enterprises.

Lori-Gene served on the faculty at Georgia Perimeter College with distinction, winning the Presidentʼs Distinguished Faculty Award in 1996. She was awarded tenure in 2001. She left that position to pursue studio art full-time in 2003. Lori-Gene continues her educational outreach by presenting drawing workshops, performances, and lectures internationally, often accompanied by pre-recorded or live music.

For availability and inquiries, please call 404 408 4248 or e-mail info@kailinart.com