Windsock oil on canvas 36 x 24 inches KKN 070G

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Kent Knowles explores the idea of self-preservation and self-isolation in an overly stimulated world. Using thick, rhythmic brushstrokes, he gesturally paints elegantly distorted female figures interacting with various animals in an intriguing suspension of reality.

One can feel the sense of solitude within each of Kent’s paintings, bringing the viewer into a private realm where we so often retreat. The tension and relationship of each figure creates a sense of apprehension, stillness, and quiet warmth. Knowles’ palette of fresh and warm colors frame a dynamic environment full of vibrant movement.

Kent’s art explores the ideas of communication and engagement between the external and internal. In an overly connected and stimulated world, we often find ourselves pondering our existence in nature through his imagery. These exquisite paintings evoke the feeling of being elsewhere.

In addition to working as a visual artist, Kent has written several screenplays and is the author and illustrator of the children’s book, Lucius and the Storm.

Kent Knowles was born in Cheyenne, Wyoming.  The son of an Air Force Chaplain, he grew up traveling around the world.  While attending high school in Europe, Kent was introduced to the large-scale figurative paintings of the Old Masters.  His current work reflects an interest in the technical aspects of traditional painting as well as the expressive qualities of the human figure, contemporary pattern, color and design.

For availability and inquiries, please call 404 408 4248 or e-mail