Anne Ostholthoff All Alone oil on canvas 66x66 inches

With all my work, there are typically three threads of inspiration:

Spirit Mindfulness – I use paint and canvas to express what God has placed on my heart – and hope that others will gain insights into their own lives as a result. We all have struggles and joys, challenges and new heights of self-awareness – these moments when the thought intersects with my spirit are typically the moments that compel me to paint, draw, express and share.

Nature – In each painting, though it might reflect an immediate response to a specific event or thought, I consistently draw on years of childhood play in the pine tree back yards of Atlanta, GA and this southern natural imagery which is always evident in the background of my work.

Language – At the start of each work is a familiar repeated abstract “language” of gestures that I find I must repeat over and again, no matter what medium or size I work with. Curvilinear lines, doodle-like swirls, all certainly consistent as part of my voice. Sometimes clear, sometimes not.

I paint to understand. My wish is to inspire authenticity and this same desire to understand ourselves and others – in all that we do and in all the ways we interact together, as a community, as neighbors, as working partners, as friends.

Anne is best known as a leader in the field of arts in education in Georgia who is the driving force behind Teachers Ignite, LLC and the host of The Ignite Show. These ventures provide information, inspiration and resources to educators in a way that impacts positive change in the classroom. She is prepared for this current work with 9 years in Communications working with BBDO, J. Walter Thompson, Saatchi & Saatchi and 20+ years in Education as Founder/Executive Director of non-profit ArtsNow, Inc. which she grew to impact 18 school systems, 120,000+ students and 4,000+ educators in GA.

In 1989, she left the ad business to pursue a career change. After a year of study under New York artist Woong Kim, she received one of three fellowships to attend the School of Visual Arts Master of Fine Arts Program in painting. She earned her MFA in June of 1991.

The “artists struggle” led her to several freelance assignments as a management and marketing consultant. In 1992, she worked with children on painting project she conceived called “Tree Interpretations” that was commissioned by Sara Lee Corporation. She worked with161 students at St. Joseph School in the Chicago, IL neighborhood of Cabrini-Green. The experience was more fulfilling than expected and what started as a project became a mission and the non-profit organization Creating Pride, later re-named ArtsNow.

As a professional artist, Anne works out of her home or public space to physically create the works of art others commission, whichever is most appropriate. She is known to regularly respond, when seemingly day-dreaming, that she is in her studio, though physically in a meeting or walking with her son around the neighborhood duck pond!

For availability and inquiries, please call 404 408 4248 or e-mail