Daydream Mixed media on panel 36 x 36 inches ALE 003-G

Design, color, texture, space, and construction are the basic elements that I am focused on when I am creating my

work. Communication through written words is the other half of that experience as the written word is the basic conduit that binds us all together. A focus on simple ideas, placed together in layers, with objects pulled from their natural state is evident. When I am constructing my work I am always trying to express my point of view in the moment, while allowing the found objects and collage work to tell their own story. It is my hope that my pieces bring a simple, immediate joy and reaction as well as one that will last upon later viewings and reflection.

I was born in a small town in Ohio and raised in an even smaller town in South Carolina surrounded by strange

accents, tall trees, creeks and streams, and fields that seemed to go on forever. I attempted college several times, but eventually gave it up for my first true love, music. Nothing too high brow. I wanted to be a rock and roll star. After a decade of touring, recording, sleeping on every floor on the east coast, trying to “make it”, i hung up my musical skates. I knew that I would need a creative outlet soon after. I just didn’t have any idea where it would come from. A lot of my good friends at the time were pretty successful artists and photographers, and i always loved watching them work, collecting pieces, and going to shows. So after a little encouragement I started doing my own thing, lucked into a couple of group shows, and five years later here i am.

My work is almost always simply inspired by colors or words. They are often spiritually and emotionally inspired. Some have very deep meaning behind them and some mean nothing at all. I just may have really been dying to paint with that “special blue color” from that “thing i saw”. A lot of my work has bits of song, poems, and scrawl embedded in them. Even though we live in a digital world words are at the forefront of every thought, spark, emotion, and intention we have. At the end of the day i hope i get a little better at what i do so you have something special to look at when you take one of my paintings home.

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