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The Future Is Now: Kofke, Leopold, Bibb & Terpstra | June 19 – July 31

Dear Friends,

We’d like to invite you to our upcoming group exhibition opening THE FUTURE IS NOW featuring all new artwork from Kai Lin Artists Jason Kofke, Alex Leopold, Sloane Bibb, and Wesley Terpstra. The show will open on Friday, June 19th, 2015 from 7:00 – 10:00 PM and run through July 31st. We look forward to seeing you at the opening!

Yu-Kai Lin
KAI LIN ART Director
404 408 4248


THE FUTURE IS NOW is a four artist exhibition featuring new artwork by Jason Kofke, Alex Leopold, Sloane Bibb, and Wesley Terpstra.  Each of these artists combine layered histories to create dynamic works of art that embody the past. Creative decisions begin to reflect individualized intentions creating a fresh perspective of the future, which only exists in the present moment. Through the lens of each artist, THE FUTURE IS NOW.

Friday,  June 19th, 2015 | 7:00 – 10:00 PM

Exhibition Dates June 19 – July 31

Gallery Hours Wednesday – Saturday 12 – 5pm & by appointment
Location 999 Brady Ave NW Suite 7 Atlanta, Georgia 30318
Contact 404 408 4248

SLOANE BIBB: My grandfather always told me the key to being happy was having something to look forward to…the future. I think we all are optimistic about the future as we are nostalgic about happy memories from the past. I have always looked forward to summer even with its sweltering, saturating humidity. This body of work primarily focuses on summer. Whether sitting by the pool, floating in the lake or catching lightning bugs, these paintings embody summertime in the South. Objects from our past, some discarded, others coveted, then mixed with a little paint, beeswax and a splash of tar create the stage. A story emerges or maybe just a feeling, a memory of that time, that summer. The past…gone, but the future is now and summer is upon us.

JASON KOFKE: Every society has aspirations; every generation has expectations. What we learn to expect and come to accept as a future is evident in the materials we use, the machines we develop, and the systems we communally live by. New products briefly fabricate a ‘future’ and are soon usurped by still newer ones. The outdated material of the past is a record of what a future once was.

Or what it could have been.

THE FUTURE IS NOW is Jason Kofke’s response to the glut of outdated concepts or unrealistic expectations in a future. Kofke adopts specific products from the recent past to symbolize the reality of a present future. For all the detritus of unmet dreams, for the deserted ambitions of industry, and for the abandoned hope for what could have been, Kofke pays homage to the efforts of a past whose future is, in whatever unexpected form, now.

ALEX LEOPOLD: The Future Is Now. That title is a lot to live up to if you make art. Visual art, writing, theatre, architecture, dance, even sport. All of these grow and gain momentum, accolades and adoration, if they are of good quality, forward thinking, and aided by hard work and luck. In today’s fast paced, tech marveled world, we are always on to the next big thing or idea. It’s very difficult to stay ahead, to be a part of the future in modern art.

As daunting as the show’s title suggests, I have attempted to make my work a part of that momentum. The contemporary aspects of my work, are rooted in the use of bright, vibrant, saturated, colors, and slick, clean textures. I have always felt compelled by the contemporary and modern.

At the same time, I’m attempting to deconstruct the “future” in my work, by touching on simple themes, like my love of nature and my simultaneous, adoration of a simpler past. My hope is that this collection brings the two world’s together. Past and present, the two  components necessary when creating the future.

WESLEY TERPSTRA: The “Portraits” Series seeks to draw particular focus to my fascination with seemingly unimportant, mostly flat paper surfaces. In the tradition of 17th century trompe l’oeil Letter Rack paintings, I create portraits of my experiences engaging with the subject matter of flattened cardboard boxes, large folded pieces of paper, and small found paper scraps of various, and often indistinct, purposes. These paintings are executed and arranged to draw attention to the inherent abstraction and the hints of the sublime, which I perceive through a Color Field approach to viewing. By producing oil paintings and watercolors that employ methods of illusion, I seek to draw the viewer into experiencing the depiction in a more engaged manner.

Each depiction records an unknown history or marks, tear, wear. For some subjects, even the initial use is now obscured. These are distinct markers of a series of lost experiences. Where do the actions of this moment fall in the spectrum of time and, at what point do they cease to exist?

We only know this moment. We are informed by the memory of the past and can often make reasonable predictions of the future but our only experience is the present. There are many feelings associated with focus on the past or future; reminiscing, nostalgia, regret, hope, longing, fear, anticipation. It strikes me that to experience the myriad feelings of the past and future within this moment is another view of the “sublime”. In other words, the mix of fear and awe, which defines the concept of the sublime, may be experienced when there is simply too much emotion for a single moment. By compressing the line of time into the now, I find myself overcome by the experience.

THE FUTURE IS NOW: Jason Kofke, Alex Leopold, Sloane Bibb, and Wesley Terpstra.

Friday,  June 19th, 2015 | 7:00 – 10:00 PM

Exhibition Dates June 19 – July 31

Gallery Hours Wednesday – Saturday 12 – 5pm & by appointment
Location 999 Brady Ave NW Suite 7 Atlanta, Georgia 30318
Contact 404 408 4248