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The Art of The Dorn Brothers

Honey’s Surprise Premium photo matte mounted on birch 14 x 11 inches DBO 007-G

This fun little flapper photo art project was inspired by a haircut:  Anessa Ramsey’s haircut to be specific.  At the time, we (that is Nate & Travis) had been working on another photo series titled “The Chronicles of Follicles” and had decided that a little recess from shooting big hairy bearded men was needed.  So, after spotting an inspirational coiffure, an aged period piece dealing with flappers seemed to be just the ticket.  We don’t think Anessa really knew what she was getting into when we recruited her, but, we were more than happy with the results and we think she even had a little fun herself.  That was the beginning of the “Flapper Dapper Art Show” and from there we went ahead and set up more shoots with other willing friends.

The Dorn Brothers Lily’s Got a Song Premium photo matte mounted on birch 14 x 11 inches DBO 010-G

The Roaring 20s was a pretty cool time to be alive. It was a time of celebration and dance, radio was new, and Louise Armstrong was king.  People would dance all night long in gin mills or speakeasies while doing “The Shimmy,” “The Fox Trot, ” or “The Charleston.”  Cheaper cars and voting rights allowed women to experience new freedoms, resulting in the birth of the flapper.The flapper was the “new woman.”  She drank, she smoked, she voted, she danced, she wore make-up, she cut her hair short, and she took risks. These women were young, carefree, and sometimes a little awkward, but as they broke away from social norms, they had both an image and an attitude that still resonates with women today.

From an early age, Nate and Travis wanted to be “DornStars”.  Yes, that’s correct, “DornStars”. This exemplifies their creative and off-beat personalities, their philosophy on life, and their approach to photography- have fun while creating dynamic images.  The Brothers Dorn were raised in a family of artists so it wasn’t a stretch for them to continuing at Georgia State University in the visual arts.  Professionally, they have been working together since 2000, have won many awards and honors for their photography and sketch comedy films. The Brothers are also very active in the local indie film scene and commercial photography groups here in Atlanta, as well as their own individual projects.  On a side note, the DornBrothers are known for their ever-changing facial hair, you may need to meet them a few time to recognize them.

The Dorn Brothers Virgin Eyes Premium photo matte mounted on birch 11 x 14 inches DBO 012-G

The DornBrothers are a fun, professional, and artistic duo that specialize in lifestyle, Editorial, and portrait photography. Their cinematic style, fresh perspective, and personal touches carry over into beautiful, off beat, and  artistic imagery. Nate and Travis Dorn have been heavily involved in the photo  world  for  the  past ten  years and  are  constantly exploring the latest styles, trends, and techniques, but more then the quality of the work is the unique sence of humor and wit the brothers bring into their visaul story telling.

The DornBrothers (Nate & Travis Dorn) have been working together in Atlanta for over 10 years their films and photographs are generally whimsical, ironic or based in dark comedy, but always story driven.

The Dorn Brothers Jellyfish Sandwich Premium photo matte mounted on birch 11 x 14 inches DBO 009-G

Certainly one can say, we are the products of our choices, but I would submit that we are not always the products of our realities.

If you are interested in a piece by The Dorn Brothers, please call KAI LIN ART at 404 408 4248 or e-mail info@kailinart.com

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